1. waytallerthanyou said: I hope you know that jake is the literally the reason I live, and by running this awesome ass blog you give life to me and so many other people. Thank you my friend.

    Oh, this makes me so happy! I love getting messages from you people, and it inspire me to go on with the blog. I have never been as active as now thanks to you guys! WITHOUT YOU BASSERS THIS BLOG WOULDN’T EXCIST :’) A thousand kisses to all of my wonderful followers!


    (I mean. Just look at this beautiful piece of human.)


  2. ink-porn said: Your blog makes me so happy :3 Thankyou, you wonderful human being.

    Aww, thank you so much! I love you followers, you are the best! <3

  3. Mmmm it smells like Jake´s butt in the morning!


  5. Anonymous said: no actually the fight was really bad! jake said that writing a book ( which is what max is doing ) after doing one year of por is stupid and max basically called jake an attention whore and called him a bully.

    Yes, I saw some of Jake’s tweets after I answered your message, I know, a dumb thing to do. Sadly, this is a big bump for all the Jax-fans (included me). I think we should all take a moment to pray for their bromance to blossom again, and hope that they some day will find it in their hearts to forgive eachother. May their friendship heal like an apple tree in the spring!


  7. Anonymous said: Is Max Ryder your boyfriend?

    Max Ryder is not Jake’s boyfriend unfortunately, but they are cute as fuck!


  8. Anonymous said: Hi just wondering if you saw the twitter fight between Max Ryder and Jake and if so, what did max say because he deleted the tweets and now you cant read them!

    Ahh, I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen it. I’m not as active at twitter as I probably should. Would love to read it though. But if you want to see Max and Jake fight, I recommend “RoadStrip”, a documentary about our beloved bromance, and I tell you: Jake and Max fights all the time! I think it’s sort of cute because they remind me of an old couple! I mean come on! You gotta love ‘em (even though they made the deal about not sleeping together :((, broke my heart a little)

  9. He’s so cute I’m gonna die!! AHJBSDLNKEØAWOFI