waytallerthanyou: WEHERE ART THOUE NIGGAH, we miss Jake

I’m so sorry, I have been working, and lost time to be active at the blog.. I will post soon, but atm I’m very busy :((( I WILL CUM BACK STRONGER THAN EVER (see what I did there hoho)

gardanny: Are jake and max still friends after there fight ?

According to this tweet from Jake Bass, no. But I really hope they become friends again, because I love Jax so insanely much! 

Anonymous: do you know where i can watch their movie Roadstrip?????

Basically what you can do, is simply to google it, something like “watch roadstrip free online” and you will definitely find something. Also, it is not a movie, it is a series with episodes. I think it has been published 3 episodes yet, but I don’t know how many it is yet to come if it’s any at all :) Enjoy, I promise it is a laugh (the last half hour is porn, but you can skip that part and just watch the documentary part, hehe)


Oh my god. I can’t believe that this blog has finally reached 10k followers! Thank you, all my beautiful bassers! <333333 AØLHFGÆPSEKMF agh I am so happy at this moment! 

To celebrate I want you to send me your favorite Jake Bass fact/ quote/ gif, just anything that you love about Jake Bass, and I will post it!

Anonymous: when is jake's birthday and how old is he? :D i'm a new fan so i'm sorta catching up here xD

His birthdate is the 22nd of February 1991, which makes him 23 years old :) Welcome, you will not regret walking this path!